ATARD (SME Coordinator) - Turkey


ATARD, based in Turkey, is an internationally competitive defence and aerospace company which provides and develops advanced technological applications and solutions on the basis of national resources and worldwide knowledge.

The main objectives of ATARD are to combine knowledge and expertise of universities, research institutes, organizations, companies and think-tank groups, to gain advanced technology know-how and forecasting abilities. ATARD converts this know-how and innovation ability into top quality advanced products and applications for the global market specifically tailored towards particular customer needs.

The main areas of expertise of ATARD are design, development and prototyping of propulsion systems for high altitude applications (unmanned air vehicles), composite and metallic airframe design, analysis and manufacturing for aerospace applications, Flywheel Energy Storage System design and prototyping for space applications.

ATARD’s primary role in the MAGNETIDE project is providing guidance for identifying required characteristics of new tidal device generator system.

Key Personnel:

Mr. Enis OKAN, the Deputy Managing Director of ATARD, acts as the Project Coordinator for MAGNETIDE. Mr. OKAN has long been involved in several large scale National and European R&D projects from the concept and design initiation to successful delivery of prototype systems. Mr. OKAN also has academic degrees in Executive Leadership, Enterprise Business Management and International Business Development.

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