Tidal Sails (SME) - Norway


Tidal Sails AS is an SME formed in 2004 and based in Norway. The company is developing and commercializing a unique renewable energy technology that harnesses ocean currents and tidal streams and converts it into emission-free electricity using underwater sails. Since formation, Tidal Sails’ approach to powder production has been based on linearly moving sails fixed to wire systems. These systems can yield greater potential efficiency compared to rotational systems, allowing relatively higher production at lower water current speeds. A functional small scale installation in operation by Tidal Sails from 2011 to 2012 demonstrated the technology’s potential and viability by producing approximately 20 kW at 1.8 m/s current strength.

Tidal Sails develop and manufacture several different types of tidal devices, and will be conducting the field trials for the MAGNETIDE system in grid formation.

Key Personnel:

Are Borgesen is the CEO for Tidal Sails. He has a strong background in aviation and aeronautics and is the inventor of the Tidal Sails system. He is the primary contact for the MAGNETIDE project at Tidal Sails.

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