TWI is one of Europe’s largest independent research and technology organisations. A non-profit company, with 3,500 members from 60 countries around the world, TWI is extensively involved in collaborative research and technology transfer projects across all of its technologies and industry sectors. Collaborative projects are therefore a very important source of knowledge for TWI's Industrial members and project partners alike.

With a wealth of experience in most engineering and functional materials, TWI provides expertise in process innovation and optimises manufacturing processes using the very best materials and processes.
TWI has a fully equipped metallurgy department dedicated to research and development of metals and materials for various applications and industries, and considerable expertise in metallurgical assessment and testing.

In MAGNETIDE, TWI will be the main research contributor looking at the reduction of energy loss via control of the microstructure and properties of the powder metallurgy material, as well as providing metallurgical assessment and investigation of the desired novel materials for prototype validation of the gearless generator.

Key Personnel:

Heidi Lovelock is the technical Project Leader for TWI’s input into the MAGNETIDE project. Heidi is a Chartered Materials Engineer with over 25 years’ experience in industry, in consulting organisations and in applied research environments. She has managed many technology-intensive projects.

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