Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (RTD) - Spain


The University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) has been founded in 1989 whose functions involve teaching on social sciences (laws, economics, and statistics) as well as technological studies (mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, etc.).

UC3M has significant experience with material science and engineering, especially in feedstock development for ceramic and metallic materials (rheology, injection parameters, de-binding and sintering). UC3M’s Powder Technology Research Group (PTG) participates into the MAGNETIDE project. The PTG offers a wide spectrum of teaching and research in the fields of materials science, engineering and basic manufacturing processes of the structural materials and has been involved in several research projects.

The Powder Technology Research Group’s research activity is focused on Powder Technology, especially in the Powder Metallurgy of light alloys, steels (low alloy, stainless and high speed steels), metal injection moulding (MIM) and structural ceramic, soft magnetic ceramics, ferrites and advanced materials.

UC3M’s role in MAGNETIDE will be to lead the development of new powder metallurgy magnetic materials, and contribute to the characterisation of alloy systems and powder feedstock. This role also involves the creation of a materials/process selection window and selection of alloy compositions and feedstock.

Key personnel:

Prof. Jose Manuel Torralba is the primary contact for the MAGNETIDE project. He is a professor at University Carlos III of Madrid since 1996 and was the Head of Department for Materials Science and Engineering (1999-2000). He has also held the positions of Vice-rector for Infrastructures (2000-2004) and Vice-rector for Research and Innovation (2004-2006).

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